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Marketing for Architects
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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Why you need to go to all the parties you can

The run up to Christmas and New Year is a time of parties.  All architects should take advantage of these parties to network with existing and old clients, other construction industry professionals who may influence the selection of architects and make new contacts.  It's also an opportunity to refine your marketing message - make sure people are upto date with who you are and what kind of buildings you want to design.

So here are some reminders before you leave work early to go to a Christmas drink's party or 'bonenkai' (Japanese end of year drink's party):

  1. Look the part - architecture is about people as much as buildings - and you personally embody the image of your brand - do you like like an architect?  At the recent Architect of the Year Event, I was struck by how the majority of architects had turned into anonymous business people.
  2. Carry a stack of business cards and hand them out - everyone forgets names
  3. Rehearse your elevator pitch - this is your quick introduction which effectively communicates your marketing message.  For more guide-lines on what to say in your elevator pitch look at my website
  4. Be positive and upbeat about your work - everyone prefers to do business with successful people
  5. Enjoy yourself - clients choose to work with people they like and who are fun to do business with
  6. Don't enjoy yourself too much (and don't tweet when you've had a few too many glasses of champagne)

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  1. At this time of year, parties may be the most effective use of your time. Many potential clients are not in the mood to commit just before Christmas - however any clients hoping to move in before the 24th better not see you away from your desk!