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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The power of social networking

Architects are beginning to wake up to the power of 'social networking' - LinkedIn, twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinterest, flickr, google +  ... 

Here are a few guidelines for making the most of the opportunities on-line to raise your practice's profile.

1       Be clear about your objectives
  • why are you talking on twitter?  
  • why are you posting updates on facebook?
  • what is your message? 
  • who is it for?
2      Use the appropriate 'social media'
  • who are your followers and where are they on-line? 
  • with whom are you hoping to connect?
  • which social media are your potential clients following?
  • is it the press you are hoping to develop a relationship with? 
3       Keep it short and snappy
  • blogs and updates should be 'tasters' - inspiring the reader to want to know more about you
  • tone should appropriate (beware of whingeing)
  • beware of posting updates late at night, after drinking or when you are upset
4       Be consistent
  • your image on the internet should be a true reflection of your 'brand values'
  • decide whether you are posting as yourself or your practice - don't mix them up
  • keep to the point 
  • have fun and experiment to find out what works for you


    • I recommend setting aside a short time each day or week to maintain your on-line presence - 30 minutes at lunch-time, or Friday afternoons for example - try to remain focused so you don't end up frittering time away
    • Creating company pages on LinkedIn and facebook does not take long - and can increase traffic to your own website - try to update them a least once a month
    • Understand that LinkedIn works best for business-to-business relationships - great for connecting with other construction professionals and if you work in the commercial sectors.  Look for shared interest groups like hotels or MIPIM.
    • Facebook can be most powerful if you work in the private sector for domestic clients - however respect your clients' privacy and get permission before talking about their homes on the internet or posting photographs
    • Twitter can be very effective for developing relationship with the press - Anna Winston of BD on-line said recently that twitter was the best way to make contact with her
    • Understand that everything you post becomes part of the public domain - if you join in a discussion in the AJ LinkedIn group for example, your comments may be edited and published in the print edition


  1. I forgot to say - choose your profile photo carefully. It's worth having a professional photo taken. You don't want to scare people off.

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