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Marketing for Architects
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Monday, 4 February 2013

Are you keeping your New Year Resolutions?

  • better work-life balance?
  • bigger jobs, higher fees?
  • more design input?
  • chase that dream job?
  • be better organised?

Over the Christmas break, you probably had time to reflect on your life and your business ... did you make any New Year resolutions to take your practice in a new direction?
Well, it's already February and I wonder how you are doing on the business front and whether I can help you?

For those of you in central London, you might be interested in attending a series of seminars starting on February 13th 2013 which I am co-hosting with Christopher Jenkins of Wingrave Yeats accountants.  These sessions are designed to provide business management tools to architects challenged by the current economic environment.  Small group size guaranteed.  For more information and booking click
Review your practice and plan for successful 2013 course 

For those of you in the UK regions, I am delivering RIBA Core Curriculum CPD on 'internal management'.  
My 3 hour session is a quick-fire, intensive step-by-step business review.
Date                             Location                                  Time

(24 January                    Birmingham                             completed)
26 February                  Crawley                                    2pm - 4.30pm
12 March                      Exeter                                      2pm - 4.30pm
09 May                         Cardiff                                      2pm - 4.30pm
13 June                        Gateshead                                2pm - 4.30pm
10 July                         Reading                                    2pm - 4.30pm
17 July                         Leeds                                       2pm - 4.30pm
18 July                         Cambridge                                2pm - 4.30pm
24 July                         Nottingham                               2pm - 4.30pm
18 September               Manchester                              1:30pm - 4pm
19 September               Liverpool                                  10am - 12.30pm
03 October                   Bath                                         2pm - 4.30pm
15 October                   London                                     5.30pm - 8pm

Fees RIBA/CIAT members £55 + VAT /  Non-members £80 + VAT
For bookings email

I look forward to hearing from you.

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