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Marketing for Architects
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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"I believe no one is ever 'un-cheered' by a Christmas card"
When it comes to direct marketing, I think the humble Christmas card is the very powerful.  In the nicest possible way, you can remind former clients and contacts that you exist.  You can update them about your news, gently inform them about what kind of architectural projects you like to do and let them know any important news such as change of address, new directors, or awards won ...

November is when you need to start planning your campaign - many printers offer 'early bird' rates - and it takes time to collate all the names and addresses.  For architects, it's also an opportunity to demonstrate your design talents.  If the card is beautiful enough, the recipient will keep it on display and other people will ask to have a look at it.
  • In an age of increasing digital media, I recommend printing real cards on beautiful paper.  
  • In a recessionary economy, I recommend sending double the amount of cards.  
  • In November, I recommend getting ready to post your cards in early December.

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