Marketing for Architects

Marketing for Architects
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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Action speaks louder than words ...

Too many architects are perfectionists.

'The website is still being finalised ...'
'The business plan is not quite finished yet ...'
'The brochures are waiting to be signed off by the Directors ... '

I always say ' aim for 80% ' not perfection.

With modern technology, you can improve, edit, change it later - the important thing is to get the message out there.

At the same time, if your current website is rubbish or out-of-date  - change it quickly.

Effective marketing depends on taking action - not talking about it.

Architecture is a 'people business' - you may be procuring a building, but to get work depends on your relationship with clients and contractors.  To win work, you need to be talking to people and communicating your strengths and values.  Actions speak louder than words ...


  1. Architecture is a 'people business'

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