Marketing for Architects

Marketing for Architects
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why is 'marketing' a dirty word for architects?

I was told that many architects don't want to attend training or CPDs about 'marketing' ...  'Marketing is yawn-making' ... 'a dirty word' ... certainly I confront a lot of scepticism of what is seen as a 'soft' subject.

Why in this?  What is this about?

When I talk to architects about 'marketing' - they talk about winning awards and being in the magazines.

But 'marketing' is any activity which brings you work.  This includes winning awards and being in the magazines.  

But I advocate a structured approach which targets your potential customers with a message they want to hear.

I have developed a successful three stage process which I have tested with 20 architectural practices - let me know if you want more information. 


  1. Lucy, I've figured it out. (Most) architects get into architecture because they are artists, not for the money. Chasing money (i.e. marketing) lowers their perceived professional ethic. I know, I've talked to enough architects...and hey, I am one.

    Of course I know your question is rhetorical and you already knew this. But what other reasons can YOU give?

  2. I'd like more info..!

  3. Okay..... Guess you're not interested.

  4. Thanks for your comments Jeronimo - I will continue this conversation by email. Lucy

  5. Basically marketing includes all non-fee paying activity that you undertake with the hope it will lead to new work. It includes any time spent
    • Networking – real and virtual including Twitter, linkedin, facebook, pinterest
    • Doing competitions
    • PQQs
    • Framework agreements
    • Meeting new clients
    • Fee proposals
    • Prospective site visits
    • Attending industry events including conferences
    • Appearing in any magazines / media / on-line
    • Sponsoring events